We’re looking for a software crafter to join our team and contribute to bringing MozaicLabs’ products to market faster. If you consider applying for the job, here is some useful info on how we work, what we expect from you and what you should expect from your experience at MozaicLabs.


Everything we build, we build with the user in mind. If our users tell us that what we did is not helpful, we don’t hesitate to change it. We are only happy when they love our products. We believe that having internal quality – good software design, clean code, automated testing – is the way to deliver the best experience for the users. Because of this, we build the software design UX with the same focus as the user-facing UX.

How does this affect you? You are not just writing code, or solving problems. You are helping the Product Owner find usable solutions that can be implemented as soon as possible. You are part of the product design team, because design goes all the way from UX to the technical solution.


Steve Jobs, well known for his obsessive focus on design, once said “Real artists ship”. We are not artists, but developers. We. Must. Ship. Our users deserve to get their hands on better, improved features as soon as possible.

How does this affect you? You are responsible for your feature, not only for your code. The feature has to work, the Product Owner has to like it and you will deploy it. In order to do that, we use a combination of automated testing, continuous deployment, devops, user story mapping, user story slicing, MVP and Lean/Kanban. You will learn all these things from some of the best trainers and coaches in Europe.


No matter how well things seem to work, they can always work better. Every two weeks, we check our way of working and see what can be improved. Twice a year, we look back on a longer period of time. For this, we take ourselves out of the daily routine, retreat to the mountains and focus on what can be improved and how.

How does this affect you? You not only participate to these retrospectives, but are expected to contribute with your observations, ideas and solutions.


We work in an ever-changing, fast paced industry, with on-going debates on programming practices. Our best chance is to keep learning and keep evolving.

How does this affect you? You will have periods of time specifically used for your personal development. You will get the coaching and training you need. You will go to workshops, community events and conferences. You will read books. You will share what you learned. You will practice to improve your skills or get new ones. We expect you to have the attitude of a software craftsman: focused on delivering value, pragmatic when writing production code but always curios, always learning, always challenging him/herself and always practicing skills to get better.

If all this sounds exciting, we’d love to meet you. Drop us a line at jointheteam@mozaiclabs.com!

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