MozaicLabs is a tech organization dedicated to building visionary products that users love, currently focusing to innovate in the education and software programming field.

MozaicLabs aims to deliver value through innovation. Working towards an innovative outcome, the team is constantly challenging the status quo outside and inside the organization.

All the members of the MozaicLabs team have a strong technical background and enjoy solving difficult technological problems. However, they share a common belief that technology is a means to an end: MozaicLabs works on products that improve the worklife of their users.

MozaicLabs is a spin-off from MozaicWorks, benefitting from their vast expertise in coaching business and product teams. Through practical learning and incremental transformation, MozaicWorks helps teams of all sizes improve their organisational, product and technical skills.

At MozaicLabs, we enjoy working in an open environment that encourages transparency and collaboration. We’re always looking to meet people who share our vision. Thus, if you’re interested in our products and our culture, contact us anytime.

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We share interesting work methods we experiment, industry facts and news about our company & products.


If you want to talk to us about anything related to our activity and expertise, you can reach us at awesometeam@mozaiclabs.com, or at:

Bd. Carol I 26, 1st floor


Bucharest, Romania